Hi :)

Hi my name is Rachel and I am 9. I am new to WordPress and I heard about it from my friends. So when I first got WordPress I thought maybe I should write a post called “All About Summer” but instead I think I’m gonna make a post called “Hello, Summer” Well, I think you should know a little about me. I love “Club Penguin” if any of u know about it. I love all the seasons. First I love Summer, next Spring, then Winter, and lastly, Fall. I have 6 BFFS. Their names are Rafayda, Jackie, Jada, Aashritha, Sophia, and don’t freak out, Skai Jackson. And I’m not lying. I know her on Google+, ooVoo, and Kik Messenger. So in the comment section, ask me some basic or extraordinary questions. But make sure they aren’t private. Otherwise I will say “That’s private.” Or just not say anything at all.
-Rachel 🙂